What is a Damascus billet?

Damascus Billets are basically made with two different types of high carbon (1095) and low carbon steel (15n20) welded together in the shape of stripes then folded together and forged on the hammer to get precise patterns such as

1- Twist
2- Raindrop
3- Normal Feather
4- Ladder
5- Fire Storm
6- Black Feather

7- Normal Snake Feather
8- Black Snake Feather

Our Decades of Mastery, Unleashed by the Thunderous Blows of this Mighty Hammer, Forging Exquisite Damascus Patterns for You


Damascus Steel Billet Making Process
Damascus Steel Billet Making Process

Where to use Damascus Steel Billets / Bars

Damascus Steel Blank Billets are used in the manufacturing of knives, swords, and other cutting instruments.

Damascus steel blades are made of steel that has been folded and hammered until it is so fine that it can be drawn into a razor edge.

The making of Damascus steel bars is a process that involves folding and forging, which hardens the metal by creating layers of iron and carbon.

The process also creates a distinctive pattern on the surface.

This type of steel became popular in the Middle East in the 18th century and was used to make swords, knives, scissors, tools, and decorative objects.

Our Damascus Steel is available in different thicknesses such as 3mm to 45mm thick Damascus billet and blocks.

Lots for Sale (Special Offers / Discounted Price / Most Selling)
Also, we have Damascus Steel Billets for Sale in lots and different sizes you can buy on our website.

Damascus Steel Block / Brick
If you have different size requirements, you can see our Damascus Steel Block

Wide-Sized Damascus billets
If you are planning to craft a chef cleaver you can buy our wide-sized Damascus Steel Bar coming is 11 inches long x 4 inches wide x 5mm thick. We have different patterns also available in a wide-sized Damascus bar.
You can find below different Damascus patterns including the hot-selling Feather Damascus billet for sale

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