Mosaic Pins For Knives

used to enhance the beauty of your knife handle and other tools handles.

What are Mosaic For Knife Handles / Tubes

Mosaic Pins are basically made with combination of different materials all the designs you see are actually combination of small pipes and pins of different materials such as brass, copper and even steel pipes are used to give a beautiful eye-catching color contrast they look amazing on knife handles and gives a fresh look to your knives.

Epoxy / Resin is the main material which we use to glue all of these designs together and yes different attractive colors are used to make these mosaic pins looks attractive.

Custom Mosaic Knife Pins

We also offer custom mosaics knife pins  for our customers you can always Contact Us with your custom design, we can make custom mosaic pins as per your requirements size we can make from 8mm to 25mm so feel free to share your design with us.

Mosaic Pins Making Process
Mosaic Pins Making Process
Knife Handle Mosaic Pins
Knife Handle Mosaic Pins

Mosaic Pins for Knives

Knife Handle Making Material

We have different kind of knife handle making materials available on our website you can find on our store wooden knife handle scales, Buffalo Horns knife handle scalesbone knife handle scales and mosaic pin for knife making.

Damascus Steel for Knife Blanks

We in house forge Damascus steel to fulfil our customer’s requirements from around the globe, we use 1095 & 15n20 steel to forge Damascus steel which is also known as layered steel here are the most selling Damascus Patterns on our store.

These Damascus Steel Billets are widely used in DIY Knife Projects and by the hobbyist knife makers to create blades.

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